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Development & Training

Whether you need customized training to enhance current programs or to begin a new effort, we provide data-informed professional development.
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Strategic Planning

We aim to help provide clarity, direction, and focus for your organization so that the goals can be reached.
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Program Evaluation

We take a deep dive into your organization and collect information in order to determine the health and impact of your program or organization.
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The Success Of Your Business Is Our Passion

“As Founder and CEO, I chose the name WhitworthKee to reflect my maternal and paternal lineage. These were my first teachers and the role models who inspired me to pursue my life’s passion and purpose: to advance the field of education, to help close the achievement gap, and to promote K-16 school reform. The WhitworthKee team hopes to partner with other organizations who share our philosophy and seek to improve personal and professional outcomes for individuals and communities.”

Chad E. Kee Ph.D.

CEO and Founder WhitworthKee Consulting, LLC

Who We Are

WhitworthKee specializes in primary research, program evaluation, and the provision of technical assistance related to program development and implementation. Our experience includes developing and executing customized research protocols, designing survey instruments, collecting data to inform practice, and providing easy-to-read reports on campus climate and other education-related issues. WhitworthKee Consulting is a HUBZone certified, minority-owned business, located in Washington DC.

What We Do

WhitworthKee conducts small- and large-scale research and evaluation studies using culturally responsive evaluation approaches. We recognize that geographic, racial/ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, and social class factors are important considerations when developing an evaluation protocol. We recognize the importance of diversity among our staff to ensure the design of culturally responsive evaluation protocols. In addition, we use sophisticated data collection approaches to increase response rates by considering social factors, the survey setting, and the social climate. The evaluation team at WhitworthKee has advanced skills in designing research and evaluation protocols.

Our Culture And Beliefs

The WhitworthKee team of professional staff and consultants believe that supporting educational institutions will promote successful implementation of services, improve students’ college and career readiness, and expand access to local and national resources for educators.

We believe that productive educational environments and effective programs will generate opportunities for students to become economically and socially responsible citizens.

We gladly accept opportunities to establish partnerships that advance educational practices, promote creative strategies, and create change that will improve engagement and outcomes.

Our ultimate goal is to strengthen the impact of educational services and improve retention, persistence, and completion rates among college students.

What Sets Us Apart

Our approach to research and evaluation, data management services, technical assistance, and professional development services support building inclusive and equitable environments by integrating expertise from multiple disciplines. WhitworthKee listens, collaborates, and addresses the client’s specific concerns.

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  • Sociological Research & Development Services: 541720
  • Educational Support Services: 611710
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  • Cage Code: 7JEV9

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